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we nurture and grow

emerging medical device companies.

smarter investing means a better world for tomorrow

Since 2000 MedFocus has been on the leading edge of medical device research and emerging technology. Every step of the way has been guided by a steadfast resolve to improve the lives of people all around the world.



a vision for the future

MedFocus paves a way for the future.

By networking with physicians and industry experts and entrepreneurs we uncover early stage innovation.


To MedFocus a new idea isn't just an investment opportunity, it represents a better quality of life for those treated with the technology we help to create.

about medfocus

MedFocus has invested in 35 companies with 21 acquisitions. Most companies enter into corporate transactions or become public. A number of these firms were founded and incubated by MedFocus and are based on advanced therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular, neurovascular and orthopedic diseases.

next step. meet our team.

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